Ganja Doesn’t Impair Driving – Congressional Report

ganja, marijuana, cannabis, driving, impairedConcerns expressed by lawmakers that ganja legalization is likely to make the streets more dangerous may not be completely based, a congressional study body said in a recent report. In reality, the experts tasked with the House and Senate with looking to the problem found that evidence concerning cannabis’s capability to impair driving is now inconclusive.

While law enforcement has well-established resources to recognize impaired driving in alcohol, creating technology to do exactly the exact same to get ganja has proved hard. Not only is that the engineering lacking, but questions remain regarding the way THC affects driving abilities at the first position and what amounts of THC ought to be considered secure. Continue reading “Ganja Doesn’t Impair Driving – Congressional Report”

Ganja Flower Has More Pain Relief Than Other Cannabis Products

Ganja Use, Pain Relief, Marijuana Flower, Health BenefitsOne of the overwhelming assortment of ganja products on the market nowadays, the most powerful for pain relief seems to be dried marijuana flower and products full of THC, a new analysis finds.

“Entire cannabis flower was related to increased pain relief than other kinds of merchandise, and greater tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) rates would be the most powerful predictors of both analgesia and side effects incidence throughout the five pain types,” researchers in the University of New Mexico wrote.

Utilizing data from a mobile program that intends to teach users about ganja goods and let them monitor their encounters, the investigators found that many individuals who reported self-medicating with marijuana possess short-term, nevertheless important, relief from pain. Continue reading “Ganja Flower Has More Pain Relief Than Other Cannabis Products”

Ganja – Calling it Cannabis vs. Marijuana Doesn’t Help Legalization

Ganja, Marijuana, Cannabis, LegalizationSome ganja legalization proponents think it is very important to stop using the word”marijuana” and refer to the material solely by its scientific name,”cannabis.” To be able to appeal to more people, they assert, it is far better to stay with a term which is not controversial and does not come with awful historical luggage. A new study, however, implies that reframing the medication because such does not make much difference to the normal individual.

A lot of men and women think”marijuana” has displaced roots: The word has been adopted at the 20th century by prohibitionists in part since it seemed overseas enough to scare white individuals from using it. Others, however, point out that the expression exerts its usage by anti-drug officials and doing with it today erases its complicated history around ganja. Continue reading “Ganja – Calling it Cannabis vs. Marijuana Doesn’t Help Legalization”

How to Buy Quality Ganja

Marijuana photoWhen you input a ganja shop, you’re met with a massive choice of goods. How can you even begin to navigate your options? Why would you spend $60 on an eighth of Purple Punch that’s 23% THC when there is a $20 eighth from another brand with 28 percent THC? And it may be even harder if you’re buying online and can’t find this item.

When it comes to purchasing ganja, many men and women use a system that reflects my wine buying strategy: I locate a cool-looking label that fits my price point and continue on to the checkout line.┬áIt enables me to get back home in a timely fashion which is half the battle when I’m grocery shopping. Continue reading “How to Buy Quality Ganja”